Saturday, October 29, 2011

I promised myself I'd start going out more often, specifically to see art. My goal is for at least one art outing per week and tonight was the first. I chose a show that was listed in a weekly "must see" type newsletter and also in a local weekly newspaper. I knew there were a few other galleries in the immediate area also having openings tonight so I figured even if the one show wasn't super satisfying there'd be at least a few others I could check out, too.
Today was, I swear, challenging me to stay home and watch movies with the pups. A busy afternoon, a haircut at four across town in one direction (my house in the middle) and the gallery openings at 6 across town in the other direction. Every time I got on the freeway it was all people driving cray vs. people driving slow as hell (sometimes I feel like that's a sign telling me to stay home and off the road).
I got home at 6. Fed the pups and changed my clothes up a little for my outing. I figured even if I was somehow too late I'd be happier with myself for making the effort than I would if I caved in and put on the fuzzy slippers and the movie I borrowed from the library.
I was planning to see what looked like a beautiful show of photographs but when I was looking for parking I saw that a gallery across the street was open too and something about it was calling me. I parked and headed over there first and (lucky, lucky me) it was an exhibit of Jeremy Fish and Kenichi Yokono. I hadn't even seen the opening listed. I'm not much for describing art, I think we all need to see it for ourselves, but I rustled up a few images for you of pieces that weren't in the show tonight (wish my camera would share photo's with me but at the moment it's not).

top three: Jeremy Fish

these two: Kenichi Yokono

After making a few rounds there I wandered back across the street to see the photo's I'd originally been heading for. They were beautiful and even looked like film photo's, which was a relief. Digital can be beautiful too but it's just not the same. 
All in all a great outing and mission accomplished! I head home stopping by the grocery for homemade mac and cheese ingredients and am now fuzzy slippered, baking and heading to the couch for a movie and the company of my (fairly) patient pups.

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  1. I really feel you on this post-I fall into the habit of hibernating way too often. It's a great feeling to go out when you know you should but wanted to fall back into the habit of hiding/being a homebody. :)