Sunday, October 9, 2011

A couple times now I've heard that if you're feeling stuck you should move (I think it's) 17 items in your house, most effective if you remove 17 items from your house apparently. It's some kind of feng shui cure or something and I can't remember the actual number, maybe it's 27 actually. Anyway, not the point. I'm lousy at doing things perfectly or because I'm supposed to. When I first heard this I asked if it counts if I move these items because I'm cleaning and put them back in the same place, does this work? The answer was yes. Even so, as I said, I'm lousy at following these assignments. I have always noticed, however, that if I'm feeling icky and I clean my house I feel a hell of a lot better. I don't know if it's just because everything looks a lot nicer (I tend to let things go and I'm somewhat untidy by nature) or if it's because I moved a bunch of crap. I'm betting it's some combination of both and this evening I'm reaping the benefits once again.
If you'll jaunt over to my astro blog sometime in the next few days I will hopefully have finished the story of my attempt at internet dating which somehow left me feeling like crap for no apparent reason (it's not finished because I have to re-research the relevant astro that I already knew and forgot -ps: I just read part of an article in Vogue this evening that's making me wonder if I have ADHD. Seriously.) What was I saying?! Oh right. I also finally got it together today to do some of the cleaning I've been putting off all week. Why is it that I find it so hard to take care of my home stuff (cleaning, gardening, etc.) when I have a job/school? And now with my surprise week long vacation I'd planned to be far more productive than I have been (although there was some last minute work and a surprise tire emergency to tend so I'm not entirely to blame). Anyway! I finally got around to putting all my herbal formula's (I've got my own personal holistic pharmacy it seems) away in the cupboard rather than cluttering the cutting board as they have been for weeks, made room in said cupboard by tossing my empties, mopped floors, put over a months worth of free weekly newspapers into the recycling, took out overflowing recycling bag, etc. I moved and removed a lot of stuff -I didn't count. But I feel a lot better (as I knew I would) and I can't decide if it's because I got it done and everything now looks a lot better or if there might be some weight to this feng shui cure. I feel like I can't possibly ever know. Maybe someone out there will have the discipline to move 27 objects at least one inch from their original resting spots without cleaning, tidying or removing and tell me if they feel any better after. I know I'll never get to it.

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