Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have my own special thing about weather. For one thing I love it. I love how it can change from one day to the next, I love how it can change my mood. I just plain love it. Sometimes, however, I get a little sad when a season ends before I feel like I've had my fill and usually the season I get most upset about losing is summer. I'm sure this is connected to childhood when the end of summer meant back to school and routine, no more vacation, no more roller skating all day, no more swimming. What's funny is that when I was a kid I didn't really like summer weather, I much preferred winter, but the last few years I've felt really attached to summer (helps that I live on the other side of the hills now where the climate is a little better). The long days you can get so much done in, starting yard work at six in the evening, and all that sunshine makes me really happy.
At the start of this season I wasn't ready for summer to end (as usual) but as I began to notice the difference in light, how all day the sun is never as bright as it was in summer -how did this never seem so obvious to me before? And I began to shift into a warmer wardrobe and change my schedule just a little, enjoyed evening walks that felt very late because they were very dark and I realized how much I'm loving this season. Maybe it's because I woke up to beautiful plinking rain but suddenly baking and reading in bed sound like a fabulous time again.
Tonight is the eve of the new moon in Scorpio, the sign of transformation. And I'm letting go of all the past bits that have been haunting me all summer and into the fall. I'm ready for brand newness.

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