Thursday, September 30, 2010


Alright, today is freaking weird. Sun conjunct Saturn (this means they're in the same degree of Libra) and then something about Sun or Moon (I should go look it up agin, I know) squaring the South Node (karma) and something else.... Whatever it is it's freaking me out. I'm dying for it to be tomorrow because this is the kind of feeling that only goes away after you sleep it off. I'm definitely feeling a sense of three simultaneous realities, everyone I know is actually someone else, and its really bothering me that the days are getting so short. Arriving home from work today it was already dark out and I feel myself straining my eyes to see things you can really only see in the daylight. It's as if something in me hasn't yet accepted that the sun has set.
In other news, suddenly my blog is being read and the really fascinating (yet terrifying) thing about this is that I can see all the countries from which people are reading this. The last two days it's totally blown up and my first thought was, "What's so interesting about me?" My second thought was, "Did I accidentally post something really offensive?!" Since I'm pretty sure I didn't I'll just try to carry on but ofcourse now I have a tad bit of stage fright, the feeling of a million eyes watching me tap away at the keyboard while I'm pretty sure I'm alone in the house. I don't know why I'm suddenly getting so much attention but thank you anyway!

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