Friday, October 1, 2010

Not the Adventure I Was Hoping For

I went to see a band tonight. This used to be one of my favorite things to do. Tonight everything seemed so ordinary, nothing was exciting: not being out at night, not the venue, not the crowd or any of the individual people. The idea of fame has become irrelevant to me. No one seems somehow "bigger" than me, they're just the ordinary (though talented) people on the stage rather than the ordinary people not on the stage. I think I miss being naive. I think I need drugs.
This also led me to think about this whole mad craze called "The Law of Attraction". On my way to the concert I was totally excited, envisioning a much more fabulous time -I have a super imagination. Now according to what I've read about the Power of Attraction, your world is created by your imagination. Your thoughts create a vibe and this is what draws experiences to you. Let me assure you that I absolutely did not vibe this into my world. I was vibing let's-meet-a-cute-guy-who-has-weed-with-him, trust me. What I got was a pack of teenagers and the one old dude (much, much older than me) hitting on me while I smoked a cigarette outside. And this in particular annoys me because that has been a lifelong curse and I thought I'd broken that curse a while ago, if nothing else I had at least totally forgotten the tradition. But here he comes again, every damn place I go some old pervie guy turns up. Should this at least flatter me as it hasn't changed since I was a teenager and most women tell me this stops happening to them in their 20's? I guess that's something at least.

Update: Oh what a relief? I just checked my personal daily chart and it looks like the Sun is squaring my natal Venus -fresh hell, I tell you! At least this explains why nothing seems as beautiful as it should be and yet my imagine is in overdrive. Also makes some sense why I have to deal with the old man nonsense again.....

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  1. Like you ms.none, I have quite an imagination and often wonder when it will really become my reality..."law of attraction" hmmmm. Trying to remain positive though!