Saturday, September 4, 2010

One of the qualities I most admire in other people is the ability to be shamelessly honest about things that many would consider embarrassing or personally diminishing. It's a quality few people truly possess and in order to be admired for it you can't also be trying to shock people, that's a different quality entirely and I find it repellant. It's a casual, off the cuff way of sharing things like hideous pictures of yourself or wondering aloud if you're a terrible person for some completely unexpected and offensive reaction you had to a delicate situation without appearing to be fishing for reassurance. The unusual ability to expose your flaws in a completely innocent way without sounding self deprecating or insecure. In a way I strive to share this quality because I feel it rounds out the inherent spontaneity of personal expression -the source of many of our embarrassments, no?
What with being on such a strict budget these days (new car and computer, yay!) I'm feeling somewhat limited in ways to entertain and stimulate my brain.

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