Monday, June 18, 2012

There are all kinds of jobs in the world -when you really think about it. I just came to this conclusion after starting here: It seems like everything we do in this world is about finding a way to sell something to others. Seems like in the U.S. at least, we're just one big huge retail store. I was just thinking about all the projects the city is doing in my neighborhood lately: fixing up the park and the lake, widening streets. I realized that no matter how inconvenient, this is one of the things we do actually need done -repair to our wider personal environment. The streets need to be in good shape to drive on them safely, the parks are an amenity AND a necessity to it's best to keep them in good shape, too. And, when I think of the economy, all of this work requires labor which provides income for families. And since what we need, apparently, is people working and making money this is a good thing.
I started to think of the other ways I see the economy being created around me: companies building new townhouses to sell to the people who have jobs because they're working. This is where I started to get disappointed because I realized that this process spirals down all the way to the 99cents store. You know? On some level or another we've made everything into a price tag and many have lost touch with nature entirely (that's a whole other thought process I was doing today -how distant many people are from nature and how different a place the world would be if that weren't so- I personally find it an even more interesting topic but this is what I started). That if there were more jobs that were about understanding nature and preserving it we wouldn't be in such a mess to begin with. I started thinking about the differences in qualifications for the different jobs: city worker, builder, oceanographer, environmental impact, erh, person. Education.
The only thing that's offered free to us in our whole lives, funded by the government is public school until we're 18.
After that the government shoves us out into the world to be an adult. Everything costs money including extending your education. You arrive at a certain young age and suddenly a whole bunch of laws change allowing you to do many grown up things requiring a lot of decision making. What a stupid cluster of events to happen at the same time. Maybe it's just  me but that could potentially be kind of... flooding.
Anyway, I can go on like this but maybe you get the picture. Basically I'm just trying to see myself what an insane revolution we're in for if everybody goes back to using local markets, local farms, bicycles, etc. What if "people" put significantly more money into education. The kind of money that would enable us to train and afford really amazing teachers. And the kind that would enable to people to acquire more education for a lot less or free. Imagine what people would discover about themselves and become. Imagine the diversity of jobs. Imagine the social classes melting together..... Imagine everyone having enough of all that they need. Imagine the balance. Imagine how much we would all love each other if we didn't have all these lines of demarcation.

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