Sunday, June 10, 2012

The day after I passed my test I realized that even though I'd felt it was a given I still felt a lot of satisfaction at having gotten through school and the exam. I started trying to think of other things that I wanted to accomplish but the only thing that really came to mind is the promise I made to myself that once I was working I really wanted to start planning for a trip as I haven't really traveled much in recent years. But that's not really the same thing.
The other day as I was heading home from the exam I passed a scooter dealership. For the last couple years, and especially the last year, I've been perusing ads for used mopeds because it just sounds like a fun way to get around. I've never gotten much further than that, partly because at some point I go through this thought process, "A moped seems safer than a bicycle, so a motorcycle (or a scooter) seems like it would be safer than a moped. So I should really just get a motorcycle (or a scooter)."Then I start researching the motorcycle safety class and then I put the whole thing on hold because anything but a moped is a considerable investment.
So when I saw all the shiny new scooters the other day I thought, "This is the present I want for getting my cosmetology license."
This evening I went on the DMV website to see what you needed to do to get a motorcycle license and read through the handbook a bit which was horrifying. The entire thing is an illustrated guide to all the ways that you are invisible and at peril. Add to that I'm living in Los Angeles which is home to some of the most self absorbed drivers and it got me thinking a second time. But that's almost my favorite thing. To find something that starts to scare me a little bit and learn how to get over it. Getting over fear is just learning how to become stronger and I love to be strong and fearless. So I think this is my next goal: to get my motorcycle license.

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