Monday, March 19, 2012

Strawberry Blonde!

Yesterday I dyed my hair strawberry blonde (with some violet roots...). I was going for something more like a weave of peachy strawberry blonde and some muted blue red (but got tired of the whole process and haven't gotten around to adding the blue red yet). It looks good and I felt "adorable" for about thirty minutes last night after I'd finished it and dried it. I still like it this morning but just had a moment of: well this is boring, I want my dark hair back. Which has been my response nearly every time I've tried something other than brunette for the last oooooh ten years? I think it's just so comfortable..... to not make changes. I decided not to think about it and went online to to see what the news is today and came across the latest from Style Like U, an interview with Tavi Gevinson (who I love). As I was watching the video I noticed that a) she has about the same hair color right now that I just gave myself, and b) sometimes teenagers know stuff that adults have already forgotten. She was talking a lot about having unusual style and the courage to wear it and be openly yourself, basically. What I realized is that I'm not one to wear something in order to get attention. I wear what I like, it makes me feel happy. If other people like it, then yes, ofcourse that makes me feel even better. But as a kind of low key person I don't really like getting tooooo much attention, it's a fine balance. So yes, it's kind of hard for me to go from dark dark brown hair to strawberry blonde. I don't quite feel like myself yet. I'm sure that when I go outside today I will not be mobbed by strangers in the street because my hair is a new color, this is my irrational fear. Weird, yes?

PS: I tried to take a photo for this post but I always feel like a fool smiling for my computer and the alternative is the blank serious face.

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