Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alright so I DID it! My new hair looks like I have a brunette wig over red hair. My only complaint is the spot at the part that came out very orange gold but whatever, I can fix that. I also think I'll be adding some more red into the underneath/bottom. But mostly I'm quite pleased with myself. Here's a rare photo of me even though I think it's not very good as I didn't get much sleep last night and am kinda puffy today. (Also the exposure is out of whack but I can't do anything about the sun shining through my window :)

Also (obviously) my hair came out a more "natural" copper red even though I was really hoping for a muted red red that would look kind of like the pink used below. That I will have to work on for sure but all things considered I really like the color I got. 

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