Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lately I've been sleeping so hard that I feel kind of drunk when I wake up in the morning. As usual, this is accompanied by heavy dreaming and they're all weird. The other night my dream was full of animals that don't exist in real life -and some that do, I fought a wild boar that had wandered into my house.
Last night I climbed a steep wobbly "staircase" that was made of narrow boxes stacked up against the outside of a building which was halfway up a tall, steep hill I needed to get to the top of to get home. All of my "friends" had abandoned me for some juvenile reason (or rather, all of my friends had shown clear signs of betrayal if I were to stick with them so I took off on my own) and I seemed to remember the same route from a previous dream but this time it was different. The makeshift staircase was much wobblier and all the pieces of it were unattached and flimsy. I was terrified to climb it but knew I had no choice. When I finally got to the top it seemed the building had a new tenant and rather than the kind old man I remembered from the last time -who would have helped me through the window so that I could walk through his shop to continue up the hill- there was a shady guy who let me cling to the building begging for help while he stole my credit card before allowing an employee to help me through the window. Strangely I knew that ultimately I would be ok and that this was just an annoyance along my way. Sadly this is illustrative of recent developments in my real life. I seem to be dealing with some unsavory characters lately and while I know that I'm ultimately pretty "safe", I'm really ready to get these people out of my life.

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