Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's fun to play dress up in your own clothes sometimes. As I'm not much for neutrals and when in doubt pair everything with my tiger shirt, spending some time playing dress up helps me cut down on chaos and lost time on school days mornings. Today I visited good old St. Vincent's again -it's gotten chilly here and I never seem to have enough sweaters (blame it on my disinterest in neutrals). It did seem a little busier than usual when I arrived but it was a Saturday morning so I figured, why not? When I finally got to the rooms of clothing there was some of that ferocious not-if-I-find-it-first energy and I wasn't really up for it so I diverted myself to other racks where I usually don't expect to find things. This time, however, I found a ton of good stuff. I think the last time I came away from a thrift store with a haul like this was at least fifteen years ago. Sweaters, skirts, tops -I even found a poncho I kind of like (we'll see about that one, might be reselling it to Buffalo Exchange or somewheres). Anyway, I whittled it down to only what I truly believed I would wear and justified it with the ever more popular: in this line of work my creative image is really important, these are work clothes. I mean come on, what do they say? Dress for the job you want to have. So with my armload and my birdcage (yes, I got a nice birdcage for only $10, how could I not? Ofcourse I came home and researched lovebirds and found that they actually probably wouldn't be compatible with my household right now but whatever, critters are always turning up in need of a holding area.) I made my way out to the registers where I found absolutely mobs. Seriously, I'd never seen it like this before. Usually I don't wait in lines like that but I figured it was probably worse than it looked and where else was I going to find sweaters, etc. for just a few dollars apiece? When I got to the register the guy and I chatted about the great deal I was getting on the birdcage (he paid $35 for something similar at the pet store) and he explained that they were having a sale today on clothes, everything half off. How awesome is that? I usually don't even manage to get anywhere before noon and there I was bright and early and without the crazy hunting stress so many around me seemed to be feeling because I was totally clueless. What awesome luck!

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