Monday, September 19, 2011

Was just looking back over the last few months and suddenly wondered to myself: what has become of my dream world?! I think partly it's suffering the real world. I'm no longer so totally on my own anymore which is in some ways a relief but in many ways it's not. I feel too grounded. Too realistic and earthly. What the hell!?! Perhaps I should try to take my astrologers advice more seriously and get into the habit of meditating every day.
On the positive side (because I must) my creative urges have left the house and are out in the world now, this is good. I am slowly, but surely, expanding. Maybe this shift has something to do with Neptune's return (because I'm hell bent on figuring that one out). Maybe this is just the natural progression, maybe I was living in my head more than I realized. Whatever it is I hope that it evens out to something a little dreamier soon because this real world is just a touch dull... (cue dreamy pictures!).


  1. Hi Gabi, isn't that amazing? It's a human heart and I believe what I read what that the cluster of veins around it are called the "angel veins".