Sunday, August 14, 2011

Honoring the Full Moon in Aquarius

Though it's a teensy bit after the fact I must, as usual, honor the full moon -especially considering it was in my sign, Aquarius. For whatever reason I felt inclined to offer a little narrative with the usual barrage of imagery so here goes:
This full moon stirred me up plenty. The sun is setting earlier and I know that summer will end soon (though likely not before blasting us with a couple surprise killer heatwaves). Every day has had more insights as to what I'm making of my life and how beautiful and easy it is to keep chasing gut feelings. Weirdly, I'm moved to express that I someday want to spend an incarnation as a little skater boy, sounds heavenly. And finally, even as a season is nearing it's end (not really, we've only recently reached the halfway mark of summer -nonetheless, those halfway points usually do inspire us to think ahead anticipating the next season) and even though the next season is autumn whose color is gold, I was needing something beautiful and vast and green to be my portal into the next beginning.

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