Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh my gosh look what I did today! This is a chest I've had since I was a kid. My name is written in the lettering of a five year old inside that little cupboard. It was originally painted dark brown (yech!) and then I painted it red maybe ten years ago. Today I sanded it (not the best but well enough) and painted it gold, as you can clearly see. I love it so much I want to paint EVERYTHING gold.
I also started painting the trim in my bedroom ice blue which I'm not sure I love. I was starting to love it until I put the chest back in and now I don't love it so much anymore. It just doesn't go with the warm violet or the gold. I'm seriously considering painting the trim gold now. Seriously.
It still needs new knobs (it has ugly cheap gold or brass tone handles I put on after painting it red) but the ones I want -purple glass- are about $6 each and I need eleven of them (or to fill in those holes, touch up the paint and put on just six, which seems a little more reasonable but still not reasonable enough). We'll see....
Meantime, as my bedroom doesn't get much direct sunlight I'm thinking this might be the spot for my home perfumery. Some shallow shelving or ledges and cubbies on the wall over the chest would be perfect! I had once thought it would be lovely to make this into sort of a vanity with a pretty mirror over it and a small chair or stool but it's in an awkward place to leave a seat and I haven't gotten around to it yet so it must not be all that important to me. Perfumery it is!

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