Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Already Friday Again

Oh look, now I have a reason to post at least once a week. It's Friday!!!! And as you can see from just below I'm joining in on Positive Friday, whether or not that's official is beyond me.
This week was kind of awesome just because I feel so changed. Really. I can't quite explain it all but I'm noticing that I've finally outgrown some stuff and maybe reconditioned myself well. I'm dealing with stressful people and situations better and avoiding the fallout of what happens when you don't know how to do deal with these things. That alone is worth a Positive Friday post, isn't it?
Additionally I seem to have learned how better to motivate myself and I made it to dance class yesterday after work. (I'm working on re-motivating myself to get to a dance class tonight, too.) This would have been really great had it not been canceled. But whatever, I came home and ran with my dogs -another thing I'm not very good at, motivating myself to run instead of walk.
Technically a lot of things have not worked out so well this week and many people were telling me the same. One of my examples would have been making it to dance class only to find it was canceled. But that's been another of my pleasantly surprising changes: I just keep going. Something breaks, I clean it up. Something falls through, I move on. I'm liking it.

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