Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Love

I just read about Positive Friday's on Urban Casita. Which is bloggers posting on Friday all the positive things that happened to them this week. It ties in nicely with what I was planning to write today, anyway, so I thought I might as well.
Today in particular was great. The sun is out and it's just less than 80 degrees. My favorite. I woke up feeling rested and relaxed and, best of all, it's my first day off. Aaahhhhhhh. Found a comfy little gold velveteen upholstered armchair at St. Vincent's (for only $20) where a man was playing the piano (quite well) the whole time I was there. It was the perfect backdrop for the big, airy, low lit warehouse thrift store and at the end of the second song of my visit he had a small audience gathered around the cluster of piano's and organ's for sale who applauded him. Lovely. I love when things like this wander into my day.
I came home and rearranged my living room so that I could put the chair in a good spot and make everything work and now it looks better than it has in months. (Now for a couch...)
Earlier in the week Saturn changed signs into Libra and I really do feel different, and better.
I'm sure there are more things I could include in my Positive Friday post but if you know me at all you know I have a lousy memory. Did that happen yesterday or was it last month?

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