Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still Scorping

Roberto Dutesco

So! Finally some interesting dreams! After two dreams in a row of people breaking into my house (basically). The first one being really odd as whoever was breaking in was leaving graffitti tags in green (Spring -rebirth) paint on the floor each time and removing the door that had been there. A weird dream with a depressing tone, living in a weird rundown basement level (the unconscious) apartment. But many good elements to it as the removal of doors seems to represent moving from the known to the unknown, light to darkness, etc. which can only mean -to me- newness, discovery. In this first one I also climbed stairs (good) and found at the top only blackness which I could not go through -weird and I couldn't decipher it. The next night it was a different and not so deep in the earth seeming basement apartment. My ex-crazy neighbor was trying to come through the window and I was pissed. I think I pulled him through by the feet so that I could beat him and throw him out again through the door. I've had dreams sort of like this before: people trying to break in, people having keys and coming in and insisting that it was their house, suddenly finding people asleep in a bedroom I didn't know was there as if my roommates, the most comical was the one where a really fat guy was trying to squeeze through a six inch opening in the window and I was pushing him back outside. I wish I could remember the interpretation I found for this before. Anyway, overall those two were kind of depressing and too similar even with the good bits they were too weird to make a decent story but I kind of got the gist.
Then last night I have another weird dream. I'm now living in yet another apartment, at first it's really dark inside but I can see clouds through the window (clouds: instruments of epiphany, transformation that sages must undergo to 'annihilate' themselves, surrender. More specifically, rain clouds: fertility, manifestations of heavenly activity, prophetic revelation, metamorphosis.) and when I pass into the next room there are huge windows and I can see that this place is way up high. Through the windows I can see in the distance a small herd of horses galloping toward me from the horizon.
I had a dream about a horse before. It was awesome. I was riding it, not so weird, but it had a steering wheel growing out of its back where the saddle horn should have been and I was out in the city but we were on the sidewalk waiting for the crosswalk to turn green for us. WHAT?!
Anyway, how did I not look up horses before this? Horse: associated with the beginning of time, female mythology -linked both to death and birth. And yes for a second I freaked because I thought maybe I just had a premonition that someone would die but representation of death isn't usually literal. Death is simply what allows rebirth. But seriously, how the hell Scorpionic am I? I always dream of death omens! I am always being reborn!
So, alright, definitely indications of a major metamorphosis. And yesterday was the first of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, this time in Aries, propelling us forward on the evolutionary path (Molly Hall says). From what I can see this is spelling out a very personal, "Look out world!"

FYI: the photo is by Roberto Dutesco who has been photographing the wild horses of Sable Island. There seems to be a new documentary about him out, I saw a clip of it where he's trying to photograph a horse that keeps trying to cuddle with him instead. Very sweet.

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