Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maybe I'm the Big Bad Wolf

Where did I even see it first? I can't remember now even though it was just a minute ago. Some astrology page I've never read before. Everything happens for a reason. They keep saying that with all this planetary action and Uranus into Aries people who've been abused in some way are about to blow their lids. And yours. I just found (this is what I was talking about) that in August of 1999 there was a similar event to what is brewing now. A solar eclipse (this one in Leo and Aquarius) and a T-square between mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Taurus. The breakdown they gave was: Sun and Moon conjunct in Leo and Aquarius, respectively, opposing Uranus, also in Aquarius (I believe) while squaring both Mars in Scorpio ad Saturn in Taurus. Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter forming a fixed t-square in Leo, Aquarius and Taurus. I flipped. That's all over the important parts of my chart. I'm thinking, what the hell was going on with me in August 1999?! I read some archived monthly horoscopes and got a bit of a clue. A bunch of stuff I wish I'd had more insight into at the time, wish I'd had better friends in my life back then, too. Wish I'd learned more from it. But now... here we are again. It's not so powerful for me anymore except it is. I'm surrounded by people who are in the tough seats for this one. And maybe this time I'm not a little pig in a straw house. Maybe I'm the big bad wolf.

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