Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the Beanfields

Saturn at the end of Virgo leaves Aquarians hanging between two lives. I don't remember which astrologer wrote this before Saturn first ingressed Libra last fall but since it retrograded back into Virgo for a while and is now working it's way back toward Libra again it must still be true. Or is true again. No wonder all the dreams of death.
Last night I dreamed I was in someone else's house. Presumably the house of the guy I seemed to be involved with in the dream. It seemed to be kind of the party house among the group of friends and it was a mess. I was trying to get some sleep and was disgusted at the mess throughout the house. I can't remember exactly what drove me from the bed I was trying to sleep in but it was probably that the whole place seemed to be filthy and dark and there were people in the next room making too much noise. I got up and went to where everyone was and everywhere I went the floor was dirty with black beans. The kind that come already cooked in a can with sauce. In the next room are a bunch of people hanging out and a few dogs and this guy who is supposed to be my boyfriend. I go take a shower and come back and he takes me to another bedroom that is immaculate and light and there's a nice clean bed but the shape is like an upside down L. The space for pillows across the top is there but the area for your body to rest is only the space of one person, not even as wide as a twin bed. It's my boyfriends bed and seems to have been designed so that no one can share it with him.
Bathing is baptism, to cleanse and make new. Also associated with *'fasting in the heart' (from The Secret of the Golden Flower), washing is to remove all mental activities and achieve emptiness.
Dogs are our companions through the underworld. Beds the symbol of rest and love. I think the bed missing space for anyone but the person it belongs to must mean that he is incapable of loving anyone. (Great guy.)
But here's the best: Beans are the first of the gifts of the Underworld for the rites of Spring. The first offering from the dead to the living representing their fertility, their incarnation. In Ancient Egypt the beanfields are where the dead await their reincarnation. "Just before the beginning of Spring, on the evening of the 3 of February, the Japanese scattered beans on the floor, shouting as they did so 'Out with the demons and in with good fortune!'" (* all from the Penguin Dictionary of Symbolism) This must be what I'm doing. Saturn moves back into Libra July 21, 2010 and stays until October 5, 2012.

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