Monday, May 31, 2010

Here's How To Open This Thing

I hear a lot about "taking advantage of opportunities" and I see a couple of things. Some opportunities are effortless, they are spelled out and laid out and nearly shoved down your throat. That's where it can be said: you have been given the opportunity. And then there are all these other opportunities. They're obscure and obscured and enigmatic and you can't quite tell what it's the opportunity for but there's a certain magnetism, they stick around and vibe you for a while so you can sense them. There's this cliche about opportunities like these, that you should grab on and see where it drags you. And now that I've noticed this I'd like to meet someone who could say, "Here's how to open this thing, climb in this way". I think some people can do this. I think sometimes people mistake it for luck but I think that luck is far more profound, like lightning striking. I think the rest of it is opportunity and you just have to learn how to use the handle.

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