Wednesday, April 11, 2012

With all this extra time on my hands again I've gotten back to reading. Not that I've ever really stopped reading but there have been times when I didn't have the focus for it or didn't seem to have time for it. It's been a while since I read a whole book in two days (I honestly can't remember ever having read a whole book in two days, actually). Last night was windy and then rainy. I recently threw away my sofa cushions (?) because the dogs has dug through them and they've been uncomfortable and messy for a while and I suddenly realized it was pointless to keep them. Strangely enough I find the couch more comfortable now than ever, with the extra height of the back and the arm it makes a perfect corner for me to cozy into. So last night I read for hours in my sofa corner with the sound of hard rain and wind outside. Lovely.
Today was absolute madness -I won't bother with the details, it's all over now. It seems another storm is blowing in, and I've got fresh books from the library so I'm all set.
Turns out I'm finally enjoying all the extra free time now that I'm done with school. I wasn't expecting to and was hustling to get things lined up to fill my time but so far it's just been a little so I'm going to happily enjoy this last little reprieve before my test and starting a new job.

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