Thursday, April 26, 2012

I know I write about my dreams sometimes but I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned my cat dreams. Every so often I have dreams that are full of cats. This has been happening for years and I'm becoming pretty certain that I've got some sort of personal symbolism for them as the dreams have been evolving lately.
For years when I had one of these dreams they would be kind of disturbing and depressing because it seemed that the "theme" wasn't just "lot's of cats in one place" but it would be something more along the lines of "lot's of cats in one place that is kind of a weird place for there to be lot's of cats and many or all of them seem to be unhealthy or sometimes wounded". These weren't good dreams I was having. I've also had dreams with lot's of dogs (although not so much with health issues) and once had a dream of lot's of rats that I was trying to "save" and hold gathered up in my skirt which wasn't working very well and I've had plenty of dreams of lot's of animals -even totally invented animals that don't exist in reality.
But recently I've been having the lot's of cats dreams again but they've been very different. For one thing a lot of them lately have featured strong, healthy baby kittens which is different than the cats I used to dream about. And then last night I had one of these dreams again (including some dogs, I believe) and what was even more obvious about the difference is that A: I no longer felt solely responsible for the animals in my dream (-and overwhelmed and helpless), and B: not only were the animals now strong and healthy and happy but in last nights dream we also had some kind of veterinarian person who was totally on top of taking care of the one animal who needed help.
Without getting into the actual symbolism of it all I've just been taking this all as generally good omens. Things are getting better. And better. And I expect nothing less that for this to continue, onward and upward.

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