Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Love

I was just wondering if it's a huge act of faith to not have tags on my dogs. One because I keep forgetting to have one made, the other because I took off her collar a few weeks ago for a bath and for some reason don't want to put it back on. Like I know she's not going anywhere. And I kind of do. But I just went and put it on her again anyway. 
I've cats all my life and I don't think even one ever wore a collar. And I never lost one. But cats are different, more independent and smart and calm -they don't get overly excited when they've realized they're outside their comfort zone. Actually, sometimes they do but in such a more knowing way. They simply don't get lost. Some dogs are like this, too. Dogs who have freedom. When they know that you'll let them go they always come back. People are like that, too. But we underestimate them the same way we underestimate our dogs. Ok, there are cars, too. It's all this dangerous man made crap that screws up freedom, isn't it?

So I'm trying like crazy to figure out what color and style couch to buy. What says "me" better than a thoroughly puppy chewed ugly yellow leather with funny feet couch? And I honestly don't know. It turns into what do I want the whole living room to look like if I can have it perfectly my way someday. But right now I'm just trying to get started. What freaking color couch. I can only buy one thing and everything else can be decided later. The possibilities are infinite. But I think I'm getting it narrowed down.

I must be the slowest decorator ever. Last Christmas I wanted to paint the living room but I didn't know what color I wanted. I painted it in June when I didn't have a car. I've been looking for a couch at least as long. 
A minute ago I was up on a chair slightly toasted, changing a light bulb thinking, someone should really stop me.

I'm feeling kind of like this today.

...and a lot like this.

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