Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Love

Here's an early Friday love posting, maybe I'll have more to add later. Starting from today, all the way back to last Friday:
Today a car was leaving a meter every place I arrived and always with enough time paid for to cover me, as well.
I managed to scrape together enough cash to make it the rest of the week until payday (more on why I had to do that coming up...).
It's finally feeling like summertime.
Work went by faster than it seems to have in a while despite being my first week back from vacation.
I started parting my hair in the middle (a few weeks ago, really) and everyone's still telling me it looks great.
I got a used MacBook Pro at less than a quarter of it's original price. (!!!!!!! -why I'm now kind of broke, see above)

As for last weekend and even last week, as I didn't post anything. Delayed Friday love:
I did whatever I wanted all day everyday and it was amazing.

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