Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Arrrrgh! So with my latest revelations on my birthchart comes this: the realization that my true node is in the 9th house changed EVERYTHING. That's the house of travel, philosophy and mind expansion -all of which I love and desire. I've been dying to travel forever and haven't much been able to and it's one of my always goals in life. This is great because the whole concept of the north node is what you should be doing in life that doesn't always feel comfortable (though I have no trouble with philosophy or mind expansion and the only real trouble I have with travel is funding it). But I realized, while in my car and away from my computer, today that I didn't know what the house opposite that was (which is where the south node is -what you feel comfortable with, what comes easily, etc.) and it turns out it's the 3rd house which is communication, glibness and the desire to write. Interesting.... I think it's also defined as the house of self expression which is a bit broader. But I have to say I can't now decide if writing is a waste of time (it's comforting when I'm lonely and bored, as I am now, in between jobs again this week and without much human contact) or just a fine way to pass the time until I can create north node themed opportunities for myself. As is usual with these realizations, first comes clarity and then the confusion returns...

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