Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm realizing that I use this as sort of a public journal. Sort of the technological version of an artists book where you keep ideas and things that you're learning and inspiration. I've just begun a course on Kabbalah conducted online and am sure that I'll start to refer to things that I'm learning there the same way I refer to astrology and dreams. Another piece of my life that I find connected to all these others is acupuncture. It still surprises me that while one day I'll read about the Sun passing through the sign of Scorpio being about cleansing and being somewhat exhausting, the next day when I visit my doctor and tell her how I'm feeling she'll tell me that this is because of the season. In Fall we need to cleanse and detox, we get worn out, it's a transition period. And I think how fascinating it is that all of these systems based in nature have the same understanding of the seasons. How interesting it is that all of these practices of following nature have observed the same things.

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