Friday, November 23, 2012

I've finally figure out why even though I love astrology and have quite a bit of faith in the workings of the universe I absolutely can't read it all the time anymore.
Everything that's written (everything, in fact, that's written on any subject) is written by someone else. It's someone else's perception and interpretation and ultimately, anything that is someone else's is hard to make your own. And ofcourse you can relate to it but it still never feels like your own.
I think I am very disappointed in my capability to express myself sometimes. And I'm very impressed by people who are confident that what they're saying is a precise and authentic expression of what they mean.
For me everything starts with a feeling and feelings, you may have noticed, are notably difficult to change into words.
This is also why I don't want to interpret astrology (and why I sometimes just don't want to talk to anyone even though I have to) because I'm sometimes not sure I'll use the right words.

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