Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Time for Change Theatrical Trailer Large

I just watched this amazing documentary which I can't even begin to describe. It covers everything from mythology to mind expansion to discussions of the current economic system to sustainable design. It's absolutely brilliant and I hope that everyone will watch it, I found it on Netflix and watched it on my computer.
One of the best little bits that tied it all together was when the journalist who made this film, Daniel Pinchbeck, is interviewing someone (there are sooo many people, I can't remember, I believe he was a scientist who studies psychic phenomena) says something to the effect of: if enough people believe in something catastrophic happening in 2012 it doesn't mean that this catastrophe is inevitable, but people believing in this and fearing it can create something catastrophic. In which case, why don't we show them that there can be an alternative transformative experience.
This is what I have been hearing from many sources and believing in myself and I am still and even more ready for that transformation.

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